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What People Say...

I reached out to S&J Behavioral Bliss in hopes to feel heard in my struggles as a teacher in and out of the classroom. They were both great listeners and provided helpful tips and strategies to help me with my classroom management." - Cristina Alvarez

"Sam opened up a new world for her. One where she has more control and more of a grasp and connection with the real world. Sam came in at the right time and gave Chloe a fuller life at a crucial time in her development. We were lucky enough to have Sam offer Chloe a fuller, happier, more enriching life. At a certain age, that window closes. I am so grateful that we met Sam before it was too late." - Mia Apatow

"Sam is a excellent behavior interventionist! She and I co-taught together. Sam has a strong understanding of how to work with children in a supportive and caring way. She has an excellent work ethic and I would highly recommend her to work with you in any way your child needed." - Patti McCullum

"Janeth is a compassionate, thoughtful, and dedicated professional. She cares deeply about her student's growth, both academically and socially. Janeth differentiates each unique learning experience to target specific student goals. She builds strong relationships with her students and families, which ensures continued growth from the classroom to home. Janeth is kind, caring and goal oriented. Students thrive under her care." - Megan Montz

"Janeth and Sam are two of the best Behavioral Interventionists I have had the pleasure to work with. These women are instrumental in individualizing each child’s behavior within the school environment. I have observed their students thrive and excel over the past several years. Sam and Janeth are kind, invested, and fully support the development of the students they work with." - Teresa Scott

"Sam is extremely hard-working! She has amazing initiative and doesn’t stop until a task is done perfectly! She always goes above and beyond. With children, she is patient and establishes quick connections due to her kind heart and easy going nature. Sam is truly one of a kind!" - Amy Jensen

"Sam is one of the best support staff that I have ever worked with. She knows her students' needs and is constantly coming up with creative and innovative strategies to help her students meet academic and social goals. She guides with consistency and warmth -- the perfect combination to help her students succeed." - Danielle Weiss

"Janeth has provided constant support for my son D. and I throughout the years. She has been able to be part of our family's support system through the ups and downs and has made a positive impact in his life. My son does not embrace many people and is very guarded of his space. With hard work and dedication, Janeth has managed to gain his trust and built a strong connection with him. It has been a true pleasure to be a witness to their relationship blooming throughout the years. I'm grateful to have someone whom I can go to help brainstorm and together come up with a structure that works for my family and I." - Azucena Tejada

"Sam is an amazing educator! She is patient, thoughtful, compassionate, and extraordinarily hard working. I have witnessed Sam make a positive and significant impact on struggling students when others couldn't. I would recommend Sam wholeheartedly!" - Christine Jewett

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