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Samantha & Janeth have many combined years of experience working with children in the field of behavior management. They met while working together for a school district as Intensive Behavior Instructors. They found that they not only had similar approaches, but they both believed in the importance of a gentle-but-firm approach when it came to working with students with special needs. Key topics of conversation between them have always been the disconnect or barrier when it came to being able to carry out programs or behavior plans that should be worked on consistently in all settings possible for best results. They wanted to create a platform where they would be able to bring both worlds (e.g. at school & at home settings) together as one. They knew that there were already many support agencies that focused on helping children, but there were very little programs that specialized specifically in helping parents & caregivers. That's when the idea of creating S&J Behavioral Bliss came about. S&J is here to guide & help the entire child's team be on the same page when it comes to implementing behavior plans. Samantha & Janeth have worked with children all across the spectrum & are confident they have the skills to help you help them.  

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Samantha Perez

"Sam" for short. I have worked with children for about 11 years, including those with special needs. I have earned my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology as well as my Masters in Health Psychology. I have experience working both in the home & at school setting - all across the spectrum. I have a gentle-but-firm approach when it comes to working with children & I believe that trust & respect must go both ways. Working in the behavior management field, over time I have learned, grown & implemented my own naturalistic & child-led strategies, techniques & resources. I have had the privilege of being a part of many success stories. I & others found that a lot of what I had to offer worked, which led to wanting to start something on my own that could potentially help parents & caregivers when it comes to helping their child in an alternative way. 


Janeth Salas

My name is Janeth Salas. I hold a Master’s Degree of Science in Psychology & have been working with the special needs community since 2006. I have experience working with both; in home & at school settings. I've obtained 16 years of field experience which I am eager to share with parents, caregivers & - what in my family, we call - our loved one’s village. As a member of a special needs family & support system myself, I know first hand how challenging things can be. I'm here to tell you that things can & will get better. Experiencing our loved ones reach milestones is a very rewarding feeling & the goal of S&J Behavioral Bliss is to help families do just that. I strongly believe that it takes a village to help a child reach their full potential &, with the right team members in your corner, the possibilities are endless.   

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