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S&J Behavioral Bliss is an online-based behavior consultation service, with a proven partnership of educators who strive to provide clients with support, resources, customized behavior plans & much more. Our combined education & experience in the field has given us the opportunity to offer a variety of alternative, positive, & child-led behavior strategies. Our focus is to work closely with parents, caregivers, companies & agencies who are seeking alternative behavior approaches. We will work together & create tools to promote independence & confidence within your loved one, staff, & students. Let's hack the behavior system together! 



Our mission is to provide a safe place full of support, guidance, & encouragement for families to work with their loved ones on breaking behavioral barriers. We understand the pressures & realities of parenthood, therefore, we provide a judgement-free zone where you can feel comfortable & truly be yourself. We are here to help you & your child reduce challenging behaviors, learn life skills & reach new milestones. We are here to provide alternative & positive behavior tools essential to help children & adults reach their full potential. S&J Behavioral Bliss understands the importance of extending our services to companies & agencies to ensure that every individual is treated with respect & equality. Our strategies & techniques are naturalistic & child, youth, individual-led. Our behavior plans are personalized & tailored to your child's needs in addition to your schedule as needed. S&J Behavioral Bliss offers programs such as Initial Consultation, Small group sessions, 1:1 Behavior Coaching, & school district professional development trainings. All services provided via Zoom for the clients convenience.

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Empowering A Culture Change

Having worked in the behavior management field for a combined 20+ years has given us insight on the necessary changes that need to be made in order to respectfully serve the special needs community. Outdated practices have - perhaps unintentionally - proven to serve only as temporary fixes, focusing on the behavior displayed in the moment rather than focusing on the main reason behind the behavior. We want to encourage a shift in behavior mindset moving away from the negative stigma that has been placed on the behavior management field as a whole. We have personally experienced that steering away from forceful compliance & control techniques towards more natural, gentle-but-firm, respectful, individual-led, & understanding ones brings long term, seamless & overall better results. Our core focus is on the relationship, connection, mental & emotional well-being of the individual. Little by little, case by case, we will work together to bring that shift, change, & awareness in order to provide the best quality services. We have witnessed injustices, not only with individuals that need care but also for those who care for & work with them. EVERYONE deserves to be treated with respect, compassion, & consideration. Every voice needs to be heard; we hope you will join us on this journey of empowering a culture change!